This day deserves an entire blog post to itself.  Most of you know my passion for Harry Potter, so I will not go into detail about that.  JJ, Bailey, Megan, Clare and I all met up for this magical adventure.  We had the full audio guide package, which was supposed to be a three hour tour.  We stayed there a little over six and a half hours….  We rode brooms in front of a green screen, learned how to duel, saw the Hogwarts building that was used for the first six movies, and much more!  I won’t go into much more detail but I will post all of these amazing photos!

DSCN3083 DSCN3084 DSCN3092 DSCN3093 DSCN3103 DSCN3107

DSCN3122 DSCN3123 DSCN3126 DSCN3127 DSCN3130 DSCN3134DSCN3131 DSCN3138 DSCN3139 DSCN3140 DSCN3161 DSCN3165 DSCN3182 DSCN3199 DSCN3202 DSCN3208 DSCN3209 DSCN3212 DSCN3213 DSCN3215 DSCN3220 DSCN3227 DSCN3228 DSCN3239 DSCN3257 DSCN3259 DSCN3262 DSCN3263 DSCN3264 2 1 DSCN3272 DSCN3279 DSCN3284


Now remember! All of these were the real props from the movie!  It was such a great day and I finally got to see the studios!

About tylerjaros

I am a student at the University of Saint Thomas majoring in Accounting. Member of the 2013 London Business Semester.
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