Still trying to catch up day by day, but the day after Harry Potter we traveled to Crystal Palace for a football match.  JJ and I arrived about an hour early, just to find our seats, watch warm-ups, and watch the fans.  Crystal Palace is 1-10 and Everton, their opponent, was at the top of the league.  I thought Crystal Palace was going to get whooped, but it ended up being a 0-0 tie.  The fans, however, were ridiculous.  They chanted, screamed, and sang the entire ninety minutes.  One student stood up to use the toilet, and I heard multiple people scream at her, “sit the f*** down!”  These people were absolutely crazy and couldn’t miss one second of the game.  Although there were no scores, it was still one of the most fun sporting events I have ever been too.  We had great seats, but the atmosphere is what made it such a great time.  I wish I could have gone to a few more of these games!

IMG_0948 IMG_0953 IMG_0954

About tylerjaros

I am a student at the University of Saint Thomas majoring in Accounting. Member of the 2013 London Business Semester.
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1 Response to Football

  1. Brenda (Mom) says:

    People are crazy about their sports! Too bad your mom never got crazy about yours!! 🙂
    I love hearing about your adventures!!!
    Love you,

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