Les Mis and Switzerland

Finally having a chance to sit down is nice.  It has been hectic, and the semester is winding down.  This will probably be the second to last post while I am here.  Last week, we had the opportunity to go see Les Miserables in Leicester Square.  The performance was truly amazing.  I was unaware that the actors sang the entire play, but it was still great!  That was the first play I have been to since I have been here and I am going to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tomorrow.

This weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Interlaken, Switzerland.  Better than Scotland for me.  It was the most beautiful place I have ever been to in my life and I already do plan on returning at some point.  Most people were quite adventurous on this trip and went sky diving, cliff jumping, skiing, or paragliding.  I actually decided not to do any of these things and just relax.  It was the first time I have seen snow this year as well.  I cannot believe myself, but I actually missed it…

On Saturday, I visited Zurich.  It is the most expensive city in the entire world and one of the highest standards of living as well.  I had to pay the equivalent of $6 for a bottle of water!  Talk about ridiculous.  The city was absolutely beautiful as well and much different from Interlaken.  I had the best hot chocolate in the world, from arguably the best chocolate shop in the world.  The Christmas market was very hyped up there, but was disappointing.  I checked out the banks, their largest church, and of course spit in the river (I have spit in every single body of water I have seen abroad, just so I have some DNA everywhere I have traveled.  Weird, but just my little thing to do).  

The final day, I almost decided to go skiing in the Swiss Alps.  Since, I have never skied before in my entire life, I thought it would be best not to go.  A girl on our trip actually tore her ACL and MCL that day, which was very unfortunate.  Leaving was tough, because it was definitely the best weekend trip from the semester.  

I had our ethics presentation today about business’ and how they are affected by catastrophe’s.  We had quite an interesting discussion and I feel that my group presented very well.  Before I return home, I am still going to the play tomorrow, ice skating in Hyde Park, and going to Lead’s Christmas market.  12 more days.  Pictures will be up later tonight.     

About tylerjaros

I am a student at the University of Saint Thomas majoring in Accounting. Member of the 2013 London Business Semester.
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