The Little things

Just a quick summary of the final weekend, and then I will talk about the little things.  Thursday, we ended up as a group heading to Roxy, the place we started in London, and had a great time as a group.  Friday, we started the day off at 2PM for a little pub golf.  This was the most fun day I had in London by far.  We had almost everyone in the entire group join, and it was nine pubs, nine pints.  I am so thrilled that everyone came and had a little competition.  I don’t have any pictures of the day, but a video is being edited from a friend right now. Okay, so I wanted to start making a list of all of the little things I will miss and maybe not miss so much about London that I might forget in a year.  Here it goes:

1) The Tube.

2) Slang such as hiya, lift, bin, mate, proper, wicked, queue, and cheers

3) Pint of Pride

4) The efficiency of transportation


6) My Nokia cell phone from 2000

7) The speed walking everywhere

8) Lining up in queues everywhere

9) Hippodrome Casino Sunday nights for American Football

10) All museums and art galleries are free

11) Stand on the right side of the elevator, walk on the left

12) My host family

13) Class three days a week

14) My primary school students

15) My LBS family

About tylerjaros

I am a student at the University of Saint Thomas majoring in Accounting. Member of the 2013 London Business Semester.
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